We have one goal and one goal only..To make sure the bride and groom and their guests are happy. We have been in business for over 15 years and can be counted on to be there for you..We will return phone calls and answer emails promptly. YOU CAN TRUST US for your special day!

What Location do we choose?

We are mobile and come to your location… Hotels, Condos, Beach Houses, State Pavillions. For more private ceremonies you may want to consider Okaloosa Island, Navarre Beach, Pensacola Beach.

Do we need permission for a ceremony?

All of our beaches are public, however we do recommend that you ask the Hotel, Condo or beach house you are considering if they will allow you to use their access to the beach or if they charge. In these cases we have public areas we use very often that provide an excellent environment for a beach wedding. Some public areas require permits and the cost of the permits depend on the number of guests you are expecting. Your coordinator will determine the cost of any permits which would be due in advance in addition to your deposit. Your coordinator will be happy to obtain any permits for you.

Can we use our own Officiant or Minister?

Yes – Many couples choose to have their own minster. Your minister does have to be ordained through an accredited church to complete your ceremony or to sign your license. Your minister should keep the ceremony time around 10-12 minutes. Not to exceed 15 minutes. This is fair to your guests and ensures that your photographer stays within his/her allotted time for your photos.

What do we do in case of rain or bad weather?

We will try to adjust the time of your ceremony for the system to move out, rain usually does not last long. Or we can use one of our many Pavillions on the Beach to have your ceremony. However the backup plan for the ceremony is ultimately up to the couple but we can also reschedule to the next day depending upon availability. We recommend obtaining event insurance. Please contact your coordinator if you need help with obtaining event insurance.

What is the Seashell Ceremony?

After the Wedding Ceremony is complete the Minister/Officiant will ask all the guests to pick a shell (from the seashell box) and go to the waters edge and make a wish for the couple and throw them in.

What is the Sand Unity?

After the Wedding Ceremony the couple is asked to pick up sand and pour into a heart shaped container.

Do you do receptions?

We have vendors that handle all your reception needs. You can find them on your vendors list when you reserve your date.

Can we bring our own decorations?

( NO ) All Florida State Parks require proof of liability Insurance.

When is payment expected and what if we need to cancel?

A $1500.00 deposit is required at booking to reserve your date, The deposit will be subtracted from your package price when you pay your balance. Your balance is due anytime but no later than 30 days prior to your ceremony date. 

We have a no refund policy due to our vendors, photographers and ministers. However you have up to one year to reschedule if your ceremony is cancelled for any reason. Coordinators, Ministers and photographers have the right to change your start time or cancel your ceremony for any reason.

Reasons to be considered are:

Inclement weather – Coordinators, photographers and ministers have the right to decline all or any part of your service if high winds (15mph or greater), damp conditions due to humidity or sea spray which could damage our decor items or damage electronics, thunder, lightening or severe heat (heat indexes above 99 degrees can be subject to time/date rescheduling or cancelation. Our company policy does not allow our vendors or service providers of any kind to be present on the beach during any of these inclement conditions. These conditions are considered unsafe for you and your guests as well.

Disorderly conduct – If guests or couples are offensive, rude or disorderly in any way to service providers or any one on the beach they will be subject to immediate cancelation. This includes any contact that is not service related or any communication that is received as hostile, belligerent or any physical confrontation with service providers or the public. Our beaches are public and everyone has the right to be there. Events may require permits in some areas but anyone attending any event, including its service providers are not to engage the public to ‘keep them out of your pictures’ or to ‘move for your set up’. Our photographers are professional and are very skilled at shooting around beach goers and onlookers.

We are supporters of Florida’s ‘Leave No Trace’ ordinance. Please help us keep our beaches the most beautiful in the world.